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Started in 1960, SM PACK SPA is now a leading european manufacturer of type I glass tubing ampoules and vials for pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetic industries with a special focus on parenteral drugs. Starting from 2021 we are also able to supply our customers with ready to fill vials that are manufactured with the highest standards of quality and reliability at our plant near Parma where we built a new generation Clean Room and labs.We can now count on 3 manufacturing plants, two located in Italy (Parma and Milan) and one in Spain (Barcelona) where we manufacture our packaging using only type I glass tubing supplied by the most qualified suppliers around the world. Our quality control system is certified in conformity to ISO 9001 and ISO 15378 and our Quality department is structured to cover every aspect of the manufacturing process and to follow up with our customers in every need they may have. 

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Products from GCL Pharma Srl

  • rubber stoppers

    Product rubber stoppers

    Stoppers are made of butyl compound in Standard or Lio configuration.
    Stoppers are washed, siliconized and packed in a protected environment and can be provided in the following packaging:

    • standard in heat-welded bags;
    • ready for gamma radiation, double bag double welded with colour-change sticker inside
    • ready for treatment in autoclave in Sterile Dual or Tyvek bags

    Stoppers are available in red and grey colour.

  • Flip Off closures

    Product Flip Off closures

    This range of closures is suitable for sealing single-dose and small bottles of medicine which are administered by needle and are the most popular on the market.

    The single-dose packs or bottles are opened by removing of the plastic part, which reveals the underlying elastomer enabling the product to be extracted by a needle. The plastic part is removed by slipping it off or by breaking the bridges of the underlying aluminium cap. This gives the cap a high guarantee of safety because the seal breakage makes the product tamper-proof.

    This range also includes Ann Twist Caps, which open easily by rotating the plastic part.


  • Aluminium closures

    Product Aluminium closures

    This range of closures is suitable for sealing single-dose and small bottles of medicine which are administered with a needle. To extract the contents, the aluminium central part is pulled away and the needle is introduced through the rubber stopper.
    This range also includes Lever Caps, which are special caps made up of two parts:
    1) the caps, are pre split and have no perforation point. The rivet is obtained on the cap during the drawing process.
    2) the lever, an aluminium part attached to the cap, which facilitates opening.
    These lever Caps are characterized by ease of opening: by lifting the lever, the circular cut breaks and reveals the rubber stopper, enabling the extraction of product by a needle.
    These Caps are anti counterfeit, easily machinable and having no holes or cuts, preserve the sterility of the rubber stopper until the time of opening.