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Part of the CONSCIO GROUP, Gen-Plus is a CDMO company located in Munich. We develop formulation and technology concepts for pharmaceutical industries (NCE, value-added-Generics, OTC). This includes solid/semisolids, patches and thin films from early idea to IMP production under GMP. Further in-house capabilities: narcotics&high potent handling (isolators), high-tech analytics incl. skin perme...

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  • 2017
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Products from Gen-Plus GmbH & Co KG (3)

  • 2d/3d Printing Technology

    Product 2d/3d Printing Technology

    Gen-Plus offers technology which includes 2d/3d printing technology. It is innovative manufacturing techniques which allow for the cost-effective production of individual dosage forms in a small batch size. Contact us for more information.
  • 3d-Printing-Technology

    Product 3d-Printing-Technology

    Gen-Plus offers technology which includes 3d-printing-technology. It is used for development of personalized solid dosage forms regarding dosage and release profile. Contact us for more information.
  • Adsorption On The Surface Of (Mesoporous) Materials

    Product Adsorption On The Surface Of (Mesoporous) Materials

    Gen-Plus offers technology which includes adsorption on the surface of (mesoporous) materials. It is used for amorphization of apis. Contact us for more information.

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  • Brochure

    Gen-Plus is a small medium-sized, privately owned company. Its aim is to discover innovations for contract partners. We design formulation and technology concepts for the pharmaceutical industry. This includes solid and semisolid dosage forms as well as patches and thin films. The range is from the early idea to the medicinal product samples (for clinical trials) under GMP conditions. Another competence of us is consulting services for the pharmaceutical industry.

    In addition to NCE formulations for Big Pharma, Gen-Plus creates innovative design-arounds and Generics-plus concepts for established APIs. There is also substantial number of OTC- and dietary supplement-projects in the pipeline. Recently, Gen-Plus  has started to work on biotech molecules (non-parenteral) and liposomes.

    In our laboratory (area approximately 1000 m²) are currently 15 staff members working in formulation and analytics. Special equipment allows handling of high potent active pharmaceutical ingredients. In addition, Gen-Plus has a comprehensive quality management system and is licensed for handling of narcotics.

    We have continuously invested in new technology e.g. Hot Melt Extrusion, Lyophilization, Amorphization of APIs, Micro-/Nanoemulsions etc. 

    Recent innovations include alternative technologies based on Laser and 2D-/3D-Printing Technology respectively.

    Gen-Plus is closely linked to numerous national and international CROs and universities. Thus, we offer to our customer access to the latest technologies for scientific cooperation-projects.

    We look forward to finding - in close cooperation with you - solutions for your complex challenges. Get in touch with our innovative team and our broad-based laboratory. 

    You will get inspired by many opportunities for innovation!