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9 Oct 2023

Gerresheimer Gx Elite Vials: safely putting production in the fast lane

Gerresheimer’s Gx Elite vials address the growing demands on the quality and performance of primary packaging solutions for sophisticated and innovative drugs, such as biopharmaceuticals and cytostatics.

Gerresheimer, an innovative system and solution provider and a global partner for the pharma and biotech industry, is presenting Gx Elite, a product line of glass injection vials designed to maximize patient safety and production efficiency. Superior quality and shatter resistance are the key priorities of the range. The advanced primary packaging solution is particularly suitable for sophisticated drugs such as biopharmaceuticals and cytostatics. Gx Elite vials can also be delivered pre-sterilized, ready-to-fill in Gerresheimer’s innovative and sustainable EZ-fill Smart packaging, for example. Gerresheimer will be presenting these and other solutions at CPHI Barcelona from October 24 - 26, 2023, at booth 50 in hall 2. 

“The trend toward sophisticated and innovative drugs such as biopharmaceuticals and cytostatics, as well as innovative vaccines, is placing new demands on the quality and performance of primary packing solutions,” says Holger Krenz, Global Vice President Business Development High Value Products Tubular Glass at Gerresheimer. “At the same time, these new solutions are changing the division of work between the pharmaceutical industry and packaging manufacturers.”  
Up to four times more shatter-resistant 

Gx Elite vials stand for high quality and shatter resistance, enabling them to reliably protect valuable drugs. They are the result of many years of product development and are manufactured in a patented production process that completely eliminates microdefects measuring 100 µm. The vials can therefore be filled with drugs efficiently and safely.  

Sustainable EZ-fill Smart packaging 

Gx Elite vials are also available in the new, optimized EZ-fill Smart packaging. The innovative RTF packaging platform simplifies the filling process, cuts costs and reduces particle load by over 90 % by swapping Tyvek lids for a polymer sealing film. This means that no Tyvek fibers or adhesive particles are released when peeling off the film immediately before the filling process. As a result, the risk of such particle contamination is considerably reduced. At the same time, EZ-fill Smart packaging lowers the customer’s carbon footprint by using biopolymers, reusable materials and a resource-saving sterilization process (VHP), for example. 

Presentation at CPHI Barcelona: minimizing risk in pharmaceutical production 

Holger Krenz will be speaking at CPHI Barcelona about why the product quality of injection vials is crucial for minimizing risk and increasing efficiency in pharmaceutical production. His presentation, which focuses on Gx Elite and the new EZ-fill Smart ready-to-fill platform, will take place at the conference center, room 4.1, from 11.30 to 11.55 a.m. on October  24, 2023. 

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