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  • Product Respecta Balance Gel

    Respecta® Balance Gel is a medical device specifically studied for rebalancing the physiological pH and vaginal microbiota that represents an effective adjuvant for the treatment of vaginitis and vaginosis.

    Thanks to the synergistic action of its components:
    • Restores physiological vagina...
  • Product GynoVinegar Single Use Vaginal Douching

    Konicare Gyno Vinegar Single Use Vaginal Douching contains acetic acid (1,25%) that can set the pH of the solution between 3 and 5. It helps the treatment of ‘Bacterial Vaginosis’ and ‘Cervical Erosion’ because of the appropriate pH and acetic acid. Aloe Vera in content has a decreasing effect of burning s...
  • Product Femix Klima Aktiv

    Important micronutrients for menopausal women 

    Femix klima aktiv contains valuable micronutrients for this special stage of life. There's no time to pause, life is for living. Specially formulated to provide 16 key nutrients, to be taken during and after the menopause. The comprehensive fo...
  • Product Lactogyn

    Lactogyn® is aiming at women with vaginal infections such as bacterial vaginosis. The probiotic mix used in the product allows, through oral intake, to decrease the bacterial vaginosis recurrences in women.A double-blind, randomized, multi-centered, prospective, placebo-controlled, parallel-group study h...

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