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Quality, safety and efficiency: this is what matters when filling and packaging pharmaceuticals, beverages and food! The modular solutions from HEUFT SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH put these key factors into practice simply and effectively. They ensure, during maximum productivity, that only perfect products reach the market. Unique camera, X-ray and image processing technologies for a precise ...

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  • HEUFT eXaminer II XB

    Product HEUFT eXaminer II XB

    Simply detecting more:  top-down inspection with pulsed X-ray technology based on the HEUFT SPECTRUM II. Minute foreign particles in lyo products, bent hypodermic needles, incomplete or incorrectly packaged tablets:  the new HEUFT eXami...
  • HEUFT spotter II PHS

    Product HEUFT spotter II PHS

    Straight complete inspection of small size full vials based on the HEUFT SPECTRUM II. Full equipment and automation for maximum detection reliability in an efficient and space-saving straight-through system:  the HEUFT spotter II PHS n...

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  • News HEUFT spotter II PHS: simply complete!

    The new HEUFT spotter II PHS not only has sophisticated optical detection technologies. It is also equipped with unique X-ray strobes. Therefore tiny glass splinters and other high-density foreign objects can even be identified in lyophilised products reliably and safely.