Human Technology Styria

Human Technology Styria

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About us Styria (HTS) has been founded in 2004 as a cluster organization with a focus on health technologies. Placing the human beings in the center of all considerations, the HTS and its members are inventing and improving technologies, products, and services that enhance the human development and health. Currently, the cluster is in charge of 107 members from life science and industry that are quite successful on the international forefront of innovation. Styria is striving to bundle capabilities, utilize synergies, initiate new projects, strengthen the innovative spirit and optimize the international visibility of its Partners.
The HTS is developing two areas of strength with the vision to create an added value for members, cooperation partners, and clients: medical technologies and pharma & biotechnology.

Regarding MedTech, the HTS is supporting companies and research institutions active in medical (micro)electronics, production technologies like precision mechanics or injection molding, materials expertise, automation, biomedical sensor technologies & diagnostic systems, software solutions, biomarker research & application and much more.

Concerning biotech & pharma, the members of HTS are active in process development, plant design & engineering, simulation & optimization, scale down & scale up, industrial biotechnology, API development & analysis, flow chemistry & continuous production, packaging & logistics as well as biomarker research for therapeutics.

Additionally, Styria aims for progress in lighthouse projects like medical 3D printing or active and healthy aging; Styria was recently awarded a European reference region for improvements in the elderly life. Talking about progress, the HTS is guiding Styrian companies to the forefront of international Innovation.

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