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Since it was founded in 1991, IWT has been a pioneer in the design, development and industrialization of industry standard automated washing equipment.
Our engineering embraces advance techniques encompassing:
-          Fully validated processes inclusive of critical parameters monitoring and tracking
-    ...

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Products from I.W.T s.r.l (3)

  • 200 EVO | cGMP Contact Part Washer

    Product 200 EVO | cGMP Contact Part Washer

    - Modular design to allow quick turnaround projects; compact solution to simplify installations - Three different sizes: 600, 1000, 1400 liters (160, 265, 370 gal) to maximize/optimize cleaning batches and multiple configurations (electrical /steam heating, single/double door...)
    - Best-in-cla...
  • 2CLEAN | IBCs and Contact Part Washer

    Product 2CLEAN | IBCs and Contact Part Washer

    Two cleaning processes in one single unit!

    - Telescopic cGMP Hydrokinetic header to reach any internal bin surfaces- Bottom valve coverage via dedicated in-floor spray ball

    - Automatic Quick-Lock Connection- Full in-house de...
  • BASKETS | Tailored Loading Accessories

    Product BASKETS | Tailored Loading Accessories

    - Designed around customer’s items to grant perfect cleaning results- No cross-contamination between batches 
    - Deep and accurate clean/dry of each and every corner/cavity of the processed parts granted by multiple dedicated spraying orifices
    - Precise water flow (coverage) and pressure (mechani...

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