21 May 2021

Pope Scientific Nutsche Filter Dryer Overview Video

In this video, Ben provides a high-level overview of what Pope's Nutsche Filter-Dryers are, and how they are utilized in lab, pilot plant, and production scale separations. For more information visit:

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    Distillation is an important method for the separation and purification of liquids in a wide range of industries and laboratories. Fractional stills often operate under pressure or vacuum and have a reflux device section for controlling and optimizing purity vs. throughput rate, however, these and several other topics of distillation equipment are not covered here. In this article, we will take a look at the two different types of fractional distillation; batch mode and continuous mode.
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    Pope Scientific offers a wide variety of stainless-steel portable pressure vessels,

    reactors, blenders, and fully turnkey processing systems. Our portable pressure

    vessels are all manufactured, certified and permanently stamped according to

    ASME Section VIII requirements to ensure safety. They are available in a wide array

    of sizes, finishes and additional customizable options.

    For unique applications, traditional and highly customized reactors are offered, as

    well as fermenters, dispensers, mixing or homogenizing units, hydrogenators, evaporators,

    distilling boiling pots, and other dedicated or general use vessel systems.

    We also offer complete, custom processing systems for clients. These systems

    often incorporate many items peripheral to a process vessel or reactor, including

    additional vessels, filter systems, chillers, heaters, pumps, heat exchangers,

    condensers, load cells, powered lifts, vacuum systems, fractionating columns and

    other components, as well as recorders, controls or computer/PLC control systems.

    Skid mounting or portable heavy carts are offered.

    Pope’s experienced application specialists are available to discuss specific

    requirements and engineer a total solution for your unique application. Contact

    us today to discuss your needs and discover what options we can offer.

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    This brochure provides an overview of how Nutsche Filter-Dryers work and the different specifications and design features that can be customized depending on your application. Ideal For Processing Ultra-High Purity SubstancesPope nutsche filter-dryers (also known as ANFD) are known and used worldwide for critical high purity separations of liquids and solids. Products include pharmaceuticals, bio-materials, electronics grade materials, fine specialty chemicals, and many others.