31 Jul 2019

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  • Webinar Tomorrow’s Sustainable Packaging: Discovering Three New Routes

    Implementing sustainability in pharmaceutical packaging needs a two-way methodology: on the one hand, a scientific, data-driven approach to support today’s industrial solutions; on the other hand, a ground-breaking , never-stopping innovation research to anticipate future evolutions. With this Learning Lab, Bormioli Pharma discloses in preview the three drivers which are defining the Group’s mid-long strategy in terms of product sustainability, opening-up the debate to a qualified audience of pharmaceutical professionals. Why attending the Learning Lab? Having a clear picture of all the sustainable packaging solutions now available on the market; Grasping the occasion to be updated on the latest development directions; Clearly understanding opportunities to implement sustainable packaging in your business.
  • Webinar How to Combine Sustainable Packaging with Pharma Requirements: A Data-Driven Approach to Bridge the Gap.

    In this webinar, originally part of Pharmapack Europe 2022, Roberto Valenti, Head of Materials Development, Bormioli Pharma talks about combining sustainable packaging with pharma requirements. Strict regulatory frameworks and rigorous safety standards lead many to believe that pharma requirements and sustainability are not a simple match. Bormioli Pharma’s 15-year-long research into the field of sustainable pharma packaging demonstrates that data makes the difference. With this Learning Lab, participants gain useful insight into the latest eco-friendly packaging solutions for medicines, along with a scientific demonstration of the chemical safety of these containers and their positive impact on the environment.