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29 Sep 2021

Integration of the entire production process in Cleanroom class 8 according to ISO 14644-1

The hoses DYNAMIC® CLEANROOM PLATINUM (white PFA) and  PURALIFE™ (black PFA), developed for the pharmaceutical industry, truly reflect this production concept.

MTG cleanroom hoses: the entire production process takes place in a cleanroom class 8 according to ISO 14644-1

MTG has made important investments for the integration of the entire production process by using exclusively internal resources, from the production of semi-finished products to finished product, with the aim to keep constant quality level and avoid any potential source of external cross-contamination

In fact, both hoses are manufactured in a cleanroom class 8 according to ISO 14644-1, where the following stages of the production process take place:

    • Extrusion of the PFA tubing starting from the granules of raw material;
    • Etching of the tubing;
    • Platinum silicone calendering;
    • Hose production;
    • Packaging of the finished hose.
Traceability is ensured throughout the whole production process: from the production of the PFA tubing to the finished hose.

Main benefits and applicationThe hoses DYNAMIC® CLEANROOM PLATINUM and  PURALIFE™ are used for many applications in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. In addition to the purity in the process, both products guarantee excellent heat and chemical resistance, impermeability, and flexibility. The entire hose structure is manufactured with ingredients and elements of USP class VI pharmaceutical grade and food quality, maintaining the quality of the product conveyed.

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