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J-STAR Research, a contract research and manufacturing company based in NJ, is in the business of providing world class process research, RSM  and API manufacturing services. The company has helped hundreds of biotech and emerging pharmaceutical companies to realize successful R&D programs to the point of partnering or commercialization. Areas of expertise include process research, scale up, ...

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Products from J-Star Research Inc. (3)

  • Analytical services

    Product Analytical services

    J-star research inc offers services which includes analytical services. Features: it includes all of the analytical needs for process development, glp studies and gmp campaigns. It is not limited to, method development, method verification / validation, reference standard certification, release testing, an...
  • Cgmp synthesis and manufacturing process

    Product Cgmp synthesis and manufacturing process

    J-star research inc offers services which includes cgmp synthesis and manufacturing process. Features: it is achieved through focus on quality systems management. A dedicated team of analytical chemists is there to ensure that intermediates and api manufactured materials are properly evaluated and conform ...
  • Crystallization

    Product Crystallization

    J-star research inc offers services which includes crystallization. Features: it is a leading method for efficient isolation of drug substances with high purity and desired solid state characteristics, to ensure efficacy and safety of drug products. Contact us for more information.