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JBP Directs the Great Blessing of Placenta forward to
the Most Advanced Medical Technologies.

Placenta placed in the mother’s womb protects an embryo and brings the embryo up to a fetus. This temporary organ given exclusively to the mammalian species through an evolutional process generates various autacoids,
which are indispensable to the birth of a life and its up-keep, and also controls the signals of gene information to make new cells. For this reason, the placenta is called “Library” of the life information.

“Placenta” = “Great Blessing given to Life.” Its effective utilization has been practiced all the way from the era of BC, and everywhere in the world, for the treatment of various diseases as well as up-keep of health and youthfulness. And now that the bio-genome technologies are increasingly advancing, the idea of the placenta utilization gradually draws attention to the cutting edge domain of so-called “Regenerative Medicine” .

With a good command of updated scientific technologies, JBP (Japan Bio Products Co., Ltd. ), is the worl...

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    We are currently looking for a regional pharmaceutical companies/distributors who can support us in (1) registration and (2)sales and marketing of our biopharmaceutical “Laennec inj”, targeting chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis, ALD and NAFLD. Other commercial assets including “Curacen inj.” for improvement of crimacteric disorder.