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Laboratoire L'Ideal Parisien is contract manufacturer of cosmetics, medical devices, dietary supplements and veterinary products.   We are a company providing services in the field of contract manufacturing, private label, confection and packaging of liquid forms for the industry: • cosmetic • dietary supplements, • medical devices • veterinary products   We have registered warehouses of cosmetic products as well as dietary supplements, medical devices, intimate hygiene products and lubricants. We have the ability to produce innovative forms of sachet packaging, globules, cannulas and suppositories.   We also offer help and advice regarding the manufacture and purchase of packaging materials that are most appropriate for your products. Lideal provides a range of co-packing services, professional logistics services and quality services at the highest level. We guarantee flexible cooperation conditions tailored to the expectations of our contractors.   ...

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Products from Laboratoire L'Ideal Parisien (3)

  • Silicone based lubricant

    Product Silicone based lubricant

    Silicone lubricant is recommended when additional vaginal lubrication is needed. Intended to relieve pain and allow a relationship in situation:



    -Sexual disorders related to pain

    - Anal intercourse

  • Vaginal Intimate gel

    Product Vaginal Intimate gel

    Vaginal gel intended for the symptomatic relief of:

    -vaginal atrophy

    -dryness, itching, irritation & discomfort

    -estrogen deficiency

  • Vaginal suppositories

    Product Vaginal suppositories

    Pessaries intended for the symptomatic relief of:

    - dryness, itching, irritation & discomfort

    - estrogen deficiency

    - dyspareunia

    Use in case:

    - Intimate infection

    - After surgery and gynecological procedures

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