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Laboratoire L'Ideal Parisien is contract manufacturer of cosmetics, medical devices, dietary supplements and veterinary products.   We are a company providing services in the field of contract manufacturing, private label, confection and packaging of liquid forms for the industry: • cosmetic • dietary supplements, • medical devices • veterinary pr...

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Products from Laboratoire L'Ideal Parisien (3)

  • Silicone based lubricant

    Product Silicone based lubricant

    Silicone lubricant is recommended when additional vaginal lubrication is needed. Intended to relieve pain and allow a relationship in situation:



    -Sexual disorders related to pain

    - Anal intercourse

  • Vaginal Intimate gel

    Product Vaginal Intimate gel

    Vaginal gel intended for the symptomatic relief of:

    -vaginal atrophy

    -dryness, itching, irritation & discomfort

    -estrogen deficiency

  • Vaginal suppositories

    Product Vaginal suppositories

    Pessaries intended for the symptomatic relief of:

    - dryness, itching, irritation & discomfort

    - estrogen deficiency

    - dyspareunia

    Use in case:

    - Intimate infection

    - After surgery and gynecological procedures qq...

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