LASA LABS is located at Mahad, Maharastra, India, in an approved industrial area (MIDC) for chemical process operations and with common effluent treatment plant(CETP).

LASA LABS has taken steps to design its premises:-

  • To incorporate international GMP and EHS standards for various process steps, and
  • To arrive at high standards of quality and safety of plant and personnel

The Company has commissioned a multipurpose plant with capability to handle various unit operations.

LASA LABS has worked on developing unique manufacturing processes with a focus on low cost of production. A competent team is working on customer service and satisfaction. Hence the product will be highly competitive and cost effective for international markets.

Adequate training and care is provided for the operating personnel to ensure global standard of Quality, Safety, Environment and Health. LASA LABS is also committed to the growth and progress of its employees - thereby a service to the society and nation at large.

LASA LABS is focused mainly in the segment of Anthelmentic/Veternary API; production has already commenced. LASA LABS finds its pleasure in total customer service and satisfaction.

Sales Markets

Western Europe; Eastern Europe; Middle East; Asia; Australia; North America; Africa; Central/South America

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