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LGR Packaging is one of the leading suppliers of pharmaceutical cardboard packaging in Europe with 12 plants in France, Belgium, Spain, Poland & Turkey. 
LGR offers a wide product portfolio: solidboard folding cartons, leaflets, litho-printed laminated boxes. All kinds of designs can be proposed, with diverse printing and finishing options, as well as functionalities (ex: serialization).High-level quality, technical expertise, eco-design, state-of-the-art equipment and global management of capacities are LGR's key assets for the pharmaceutical industry.

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Products from LGR Packaging (5)

  • Soliboard folding cartons

    Product Soliboard folding cartons

    With more than 2,5 billion folding cartons produced each year for the Pharmaceuticals / Personal care sector, LGR Packaging has a perfect knowledge of the product and offers a wide range of solutions, regarding design, printing, finishing, functionalities. 

    • DESIGN: simple co...
  • Leaflets

    Product Leaflets

    LGR Packaging provides a wide range of leaflets: reels, flat / plano, folded (simple or crossed folding). 

    The company has particularly extended its know-how and equipment for complex leaflets, such as tagserts or outserts, which are very interesting solution...
  • Litho-printed laminated boxes

    Product Litho-printed laminated boxes

    When you need a packaging with a certain resistance, for fragile or heavy products, and a good printing quality, the microflute is the perfect solution. LGR provides a wide range of flutes (G, F, E, B, C and double-wall fluting) and can thus propose a great variety of packaging.  

  • Combined packaging: EtuiNotice®

    Product Combined packaging: EtuiNotice®

    The EtuiNotice® is a concept of folding carton with a glued leaflet inside. Assets of such a solution are numerous:
    • easier insertion of the leaflet on packing lines,  • simplified management of the supply chain (one product instead of two),  • solution to integrate two leaf...
  • Anti-counterfeiting, serialization, tamper-evidence

    Product Anti-counterfeiting, serialization, tamper-evidence

    LGR is the partner of laboratories and CMOs on issues related to packaging security: • anti-counterfeiting features (visible and invisible features) • tamper-evidence (panel of mechanized or glued solutions) • serialization (line dedicated to serialization, able to supply folding cartons with any kind of...

LGR Packaging Resources (1)

  • News Combination of complex leaflets

    LGR Packaging has developed a specific process to combine and assemble up to 6 different leaflets - leaflets and/or patient cards - in various sizes, through bands, stickers, or glue dots. Such constructions allow to keep a compact leaflet in the folding carton, despite a growing quantity of information to mention. It particularly enables patients and caregivers to quickly get the right and accurate medical information for critical pharmaceuticals to avoid any drug misuse.