MicroBiopharm Japan Co., Ltd.

About MicroBiopharm Japan Co., Ltd.

GMP compliant CDMO and own products supplier for worldwide customer
-       since 1941
-       based on combine technologies of microbial fermentation, enzymatic engineering and synthesis.
-       FDA, EMA, PMDA certificated

Our key technologies and Capabilities:
• Production for clinical and commercial stage
-         Microbial fermentation of recombinant proteins, peptides etc.(- 2,000L)
-         Microbial fermentation of chemicals (30L - 100,000L)
• Process development stage
-         Fermentation ; Strain improvement, Gene manipulation, Purification, Scale-up, Analytical
-         Bioconversion ; P450(Hydroxylation enzyme) library, Gene manipula...

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  • 2017
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Products from MicroBiopharm Japan Co., Ltd. (3)

  • Calcitriol

    Product Calcitriol

    MicroBiopharm Japan Co., Ltd. Offers a wide range of products which includes calcitriol. Please contact us for more information.Files : US-DMF, CEP, Japan-MF, China-DMF
  • Cis-5-Hydroxy-L-Pipecolinic Acid

    Product Cis-5-Hydroxy-L-Pipecolinic Acid

    Spec; In-house
    5-OH-L-(-)-Pipecolinic acid is a rare amino acid and used as an intermediate for β-lactamase inhibitors. We manufacture it by bioconversion from L-lysine and provide on industrial scale.

  • Daunorubicin Hydrochloride

    Product Daunorubicin Hydrochloride

    MicroBiopharm Japan Co., Ltd. Offers a wide range of products which includes daunorubicin hydrochloride. Contact us for more information.Filed as starting materials of other anthracyclines.

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