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MJR PharmJet is a provider of formulation development and manufacturing services for pharmaceuticals with a special focus on the low soluble substances. We offer a broad range of particle types and technologies in order to meet your needs in enhanced bioavailability or stability, preventing fed/fasted state differences, taste and smell masking, ER or MR formulations.

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Products from Mjr Pharmjet GmbH (3)

  • Analytical method development

    Product Analytical method development

    MJR PharmJet uses its long gained experience on nano and microparticle formulations to meet your method development needs. We are specialized on the method development of particulate formulations for solid, semi solid and liquid formulations.
  • CTM production for nano and microparticle formulations

    Product CTM production for nano and microparticle formulations

    MJR PharmJet supplies CTM manufacturing services for your nano and microparticle solid and liquid formulations. We evaluate your product and process parameters in detail to ensure the comparability of products before and after CTM production. Furthermore we supply services at every step of technology ...
  • Extended release microparticle formulations

    Product Extended release microparticle formulations

    MJR PharmJet supplies extended release parenteral formulations with biodegradable polymers.