Our Company operates in several coyntries in the area of Parapharmaceutical products and has Pharmacies as clients . We own a big variety of products, including , wound treatment products (gauzes, strips, bandages) , blood measurement devices, thermometers, food supplements (vitamins etc) and cosmetics. Our main goal is to expand to other countries through local Distributors.

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  • 2022
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Pharmaceutical company
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Pharmaceutical Company (generic finished products)
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Products from NOVAPHARM OE (3)

  • Digital Blood Pressure Device

    Product Digital Blood Pressure Device

    The professional Blood Pressure monitor Device. Fast and high accuracy measurement. Unique feature of Calibration Sense. (whenever operates, runs a self diagnose).
  • Digital Blood Pressure Device

    Product Digital Blood Pressure Device

    Pressure Logic Family KS540. An accurate and trustfull blood pressure monitor for the whole family.
  • Pressure Logic Portable KS520

    Product Pressure Logic Portable KS520

    Systolic and Diastolic Blood Pressure measurement, Accuracy +-3mmHG, DC adaptor ready, 120 measurements memory, Date and time, one button operation, 5 years guarantee, irregular heart beat indicator, batteries included