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Rebecca Lumley
23 Aug 2022

On-demand medicine manufacturing secures supply 'whether on the battlefield or hospital' - CPHI Frankfurt preview

CPHI caught up with Eugene Choi to discuss point-of-care medicine manufacturing ahead of his CPHI Frankfurt presentation

Over the course of the past few years, the pandemic has shone a light on issues in pharmaceutical supply chains and underscored the fragility of global transportation networks. When global lockdowns were imposed, many countries experienced a surge in demand for pharmaceuticals and a concurrent supply crunch. When COVID-19 vaccines were rolled out a year later, facilitating cold chain transportation became a huge issue in some developing countries.

To overcome supply chain challenges and increase patient access, On Demand Pharmaceuticals is creating technology platforms that enable point-of-care medicine manufacturing. This will be the subject of a presentation by On Demand’s Chief Technology Officer, Eugene Choi, at CPHI Frankfurt this year.  

The session, titled On-Demand Manufacturing for Medicine Supply Chain Resiliency & Patient-Ready Medicine Delivery, will discuss the modular automated systems the company produces that can produce raw materials to finished drug product, enabling patient access ‘whether on the battlefield or hospital’. Eugene’s presentation will take place on November 3 – Register for CPHI Frankfurt now.  


Eugene Choi, Chief Technology Officer, On Demand Pharmaceuticals 

What will your session at CPHI Frankfurt focus on? 

The title of my talk is "On-demand manufacturing for medicine supply chain resiliency and patient-ready medicine delivery". At On Demand Pharmaceuticals, we are creating technology platforms that enable point-of-care medicine manufacturing and supply whether on the battlefield or hospital.  

In your session, you explore the possibilities of point-of-care medicine manufacturing. What potential applications do you see for this?  

With constrained global supply chains for medicines and medicine components, we believe point-of-care medicine manufacturing and supply provides the agility required to provide immediate drug security and mitigate drug shortages for hospitals and clinicians. Longer term, we see potential applications in customizing and personalizing medicines and dosages that is catered to the individual patient.  

Since the start of the COVID pandemic, supply chain resilience has been on everyone’s mind. How could on-demand medicine manufacturing strengthen supply and increase patient access?  

Imagine not relying on multiple manufacturing, distribution, and transportation channels to access your medicines. Instead, imagine if your medicine was handed to you within a few minutes or hours when you needed them. That is our vision - that hospitals and clinicians don't ever have to worry about accessing their medicines. 

Why are you attending CPHI Frankfurt? What benefit do you get from the event?  

I've been to CPHI Frankfurt in the past, and I have enjoyed making new connections, maintaining old contacts, and staying up to date on the latest and greatest. It is such a great global event that brings together stakeholders from all over the world.   

We have a packed agenda of content and networking opportunities at this year’s event. What are you most looking forward to?     

I'm looking forward to gleaning what's on people's minds within the industry…what pain points and challenges folks are facing and where can synergies be created to solve problems. 

CPHI’s new brand line is ‘At the Heart of Pharma’ - what does that mean to you? Does that represent what it feels like to attend a CPHI event?    

Since CPHI covers the entire medicine supply chain from active ingredients to finished drug product to innovative pharmaceutical technologies, it really is at the heart of pharma. 

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