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For over 30 years, optek has focused on measuring process liquids through their interaction with light in facilities all over the world. Although global, optek remains a family owned company with a team of more than 100 qualified, customer-driven professionals.

Our confidence is born from experience. With the expertise of more than 30,000 installations worldwide, our value to the custom...

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Products from Optek (3)

  • Fermentation Probe Sensor

    Product Fermentation Probe Sensor

    The ASD12-N and ASD25-N absorption sensors are designed for use in pilot and production scale fermenters or bioreactors to precisely measure the growth of microbial or cell cultures as a function of NIR absorption.
  • Single Use Cell (S.U.C.)

    Product Single Use Cell (S.U.C.)

    The Single Use Cell (S.U.C.) is designed to optimize separation, purification, concentration and formulation processes in disposable chromatography and ultrafiltration systems.

    Cross-contamination between products and batches will no longer be an issue as gamma irradiated Single Use Cells decrea...
  • UV Sensors

    Product UV Sensors

    Models AF45 and AF46 are high precision UV Absorption sensors for use in the biotech and chemical industries. The sensors are designed for inline operation and provide accurate concentration measurements with remarkable repeatability, linearity and resolution.

    Modular construction of the sensors...

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