17 Sep 2022

Flipdropper - Single-Piece Flip Top Cap with Tamper-Evidence and integrated Drip Function

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Our Flipdropper® is a single-piece closure system with integrated drip function and addition first-opening recognition. It fits any GL-18 thread. We see it as a particularly innovative product, so presenting it this year is an achievement that’s especially close to our hearts. What’s special about Flipdropper®: On initial opening, the tamper-evidence seal falls into a specially provided pocket. Difficult unscrewing – a thing of the past! The integrated universal dropper begins its work as soon as the container is tilted downwards. For the user, this saves time and effort, without compromising product protection. We’re particularly proud that this product has won the international packaging prize “WorldStar 2021”!

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    ×          Medical devices (measuring cups, measuring spoons, etc.)

    and is rounded off by a vast selection of corresponding dosing inserts and applicators.



    We offer you a wide range of different droppers and pourers. We will find the ideal dosing system for your product, tailored to the liquid in question. It should be noted that, due to their special viscosity, liquids with alcohol as a base exhibit a significantly different flow or drip behaviour than, for example, oils. For a combination containing oily preparations, compatibility with the plastic will need to be examined. Our goal is to help you find a dosing system which corresponds to the physical properties of the liquid used.

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