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1 Oct 2021

Sustainability and Bioplastics

As an international manufacturer of high-quality primary packaging for the pharmaceutical industry, we bear a high degree of responsibility toward our customers, business partners and employees. In keeping with this responsibility, we consider resource conservation and active environmental protection to be a key part of our company’s work towards sustainable management. That is why we launched our “Mission e” in 2019.

The impacts of climate change and the expected scarcity of resources lead to changing conditions and stricter requirements in the area of energy efficiency and environmental protection.

Heinlein has had an energy management system certified according to DIN EN ISO 50001 since 2012. We use the resulting findings to improve our own energy efficiency. Out of responsibility for the environment, we operate sustainably and question the environmental impact of our business decisions before we make them. We have already implemented the following measures or are currently working on their implementation: 

BIOPLASTICS Our portfolio includes closures based on ecological raw materials such as bioplastics made from sugar cane, for instance. The material has a valid food grade approval. Further inspiration comes from partnerships with universities. They support us with scientific expertise in the processing of biomaterials for a wide range of requirements.

WASTE AND THE USE OF RECYCLABLE MATERIALS Avoiding waste is one of our top priorities. If it cannot be avoided, we ensure the waste materials are recycled where feasible. The waste is transferred to a certified recycling company for recycling. We separate the waste products in accordance with our disposal concept. Fixed “waste islands” in the company make it possible to separate waste that can no longer be recycled from recyclable materials and to set the latter aside for subsequent recycling. This has allowed us to reduce our residual waste rate to five percent per year.

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