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PackFeeder is focused in designing, manufacturing and marketing of its worldwide patented in-line unscrambling system.

With a team with more than 30 years of experience in the packaging sector, PackFeeder has introduced important innovations in the industry through its simple and efficient in-line unscrambling system. With PackFeder’s concept the container is self-positioned at the conveyor in an easy, clean and smooth way, with exquisite container care; giving solution to the key points of most exigent sectors. Its compact design and low power consumption makes it the most cost saving equipment of the market.

These advantages as well as its easy and logical operation have been crucial for the interest developed worldwide by the finest brands of Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical, Cosmetics, Personal Care and Food sectors.

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  • Unscrambling equipment

    Product Unscrambling equipment

    Packfeeder, s.l. Offers equipment which includes unscrambling equipment. Feature: it can work with containers of reduced dimensions, from bottle height 50mm up to more than 300mm. Regarding the outputs, they may range from 20 u/min up to the 500 u/min of the fastest equipments. Regardless of the machine model and operating speed, the machines can be equipped with additional functions such as: feeding into pucks, orientation of containers. Contact us for more information.