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26 Sep 2012

Panreac presents its synthesis product line

Panreac Synthesis is the business unit of PANREAC, the Spanish leader company in manufacturing reagents, solvents and fine chemicals since 1941.


Panreac Synthesis is the business unit of PANREAC, the Spanish leader company in manufacturing reagents, solvents and fine chemicals since 1941. With a wide range of experience, the specialized knowledge of their staff and the modern multipurpose plant they inaugurated in 2000, Panreac counts with the best combination to offer one of the most competitive contract and custom synthesis, providing quick answers to their client requirements.


With over 70 years experience in the world of organic and synthetic chemicals, PANREAC has being a continuous growing company with an impressive know-how for production, synthesis and purification of thousands of different chemicals. Nowadays they have an extensive offer that includes more than 3900 different chemicals such as analytical reagents, high purity acids, salts, solvents and organic compounds available as laboratory packages or bulk quantities.


The Spanish company has expanded their services and products internationally, thanks to their extraordinary distribution chain. In 1999 they opened their first two subsidiaries in France and Portugal. Lately in 2007 they bought the Italian company Nova Chimica, allowing them to get faster in the European market. In 2010 Panreac became part of the chemical division (performance polymers and fluids group) of Illinois Tool Works (ITW), an $18 billion per year U.S. industrial conglomerate. Nowadays, PANREAC exports their products to more than 80 countries in the world, thanks to their growing and expanding distribution network.



High Tech Facilities and Production Capabilities


In order to offer the highest level of quality for the whole national and international market demands, in 2000 Panreac built a 15000 m2 multipurpose production plant equipped with high technology machinery and made with good materials such as stainless steel and borosilicate glass  so as to maintain the highest purity for processed products. At the present time there are more than 65000 litres of installed reaction capacity with future expansion possibilities.


In 2008 they opened a new 8000 m2 warehouse centre completed with the latest technology innovations to optimize the efficiency and allowing them the highest degree of availability for their distributors. PANREAC works hard to provide an excellent service from their products to their end users, by their distribution network or by direct selling.


In terms of production, PANREAC has a flexible configuration that allows them to manufacture focused to their costumers requirements


-    Lab Scale: projects and productions up to 1kg

-    Pilot Plant: productions up to 10kg

-    Industrial Production: productions up to 1 Tm


Projects and Quality Standards


PANREAC Synthesis focuses on manufacturing organic compounds, using an existing method of synthesis, or developing a new method. They usually manage projects such as:


·        Development projects

·        Non-commercial starting materials and organic reagents

·        Non-GMP intermediates

·        Scaling of industrial procedures and productions

·        Enantioselective chemicals


Thereby, PANREAC always operates under an integrated quality system to assure the best product quality. The system is based on the official standards UNE-EN-ISO 14001:2004 for Protection of the environment, UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2008 for Quality Management and OHSAS 18001:2007 on the safety and health at work.


Moreover, PANREAC’s analysis and development team works out on a strict analytical control to watch for the product quality, establishing methods for the new compounds and applying the latest techniques while they use the most modern instrumental equipment.


Definitely, Panreac Synthesis has an outstanding combination of crucial points such as, project management compromise, analytical expertise, R&D team with costumer need-orientated mentality and confidentiality way of work that assures the premium standards of quality they produce.

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