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  • Product CordenPharma Lipids & Carbohydrate Platform

    Your Expert Partner for Standard & Proprietary Lipids & Carbohydrates
    • >> A specialized Lipids offering including custom and standard lipids (Glycero-Phospholipids, Sphingolipids, Phosphocholine, Pegylated, and Cationic Lipids). • >> Lipids for support of mRNA vaccine pro...
  • Product LECIVA-M90 (Highly purified PC from NON GMO Sunflower)

    Highly purified PC from NON GMO Sunflower now available.
  • Product Cationic phospholipid

    Lipoid offer a wide variety of phospholipids for use in the production of drug products which includes cationic phospholipid. It belongs to lipoid brands products category. It is suitable for lipid emulsions for parenteral nutrition or as drug carriers, suspensions, sprays and aerosols, delivery systems such ...
  • Product LYL krill oil KID gummy bears (the most delicious premium class omega-3, in the form of phospholipids, suitable for children)

    Tastiest premium class omega3 source with proven highest absorption and bioavailability. Based on our customer experience LYL Krill Oil KID is a product that kids not only enjoy, but ask for more of it.
    Besides LYL Krill oil line benefits, LYL Krill Oil KID is: • The only SuperbaKrill™ patented ...
  • Product Q-Pharma

    We are Authorized Agent for Overseas & Indian Manufacturers & have over 25 years experience in selling Pharma products. We handle API & Intermediates, Export Sourcing Agents, Contract Manufacturing, Exports & PHOSPHOLIPID FORMULATIONS.  Agents for QILU ANTIBIOTICS, ZHUHAI UNITED, ORC...
  • Product Egg Phospholipids

    Egg Phospholipids for

    - Infant nutrition

    - Liposomal drug delivery

    - Emulsion

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