WHO WE ARE  As French leading exporter of drugs, Polepharma is the first pharmaceutical alliance in Europe. Its network relies on a team of experts who aim at stimulating industrial and economic development of the pharmaceutical industry with actions that promote competitiveness, innovation, attractiveness and the “Made in France”. Polepharma’s members represent pharmaceutical laboratories, suppliers, manufacturers, public and private institutions, universities, training and research centers.  Key figures  1st pharmaceutical alliance in Europe (ensures 53% of drug production in France) 3 regions : Centre-Val de Loire, Normandie and Ile de France 4 branches located in Chartres, Val de Reuil, Tours and Paris. Annual export turnover of 25,3 billion euros 300 member companies from the health sector 60 000 jobs which embrace the different actors of the health sector.    JOIN US :    www.polepharma.com   [email protected]   11, rue du Cardinal Pie – 28000 Chartres   + 33 2 37 20 99 90    TEAM :    General manager : Fabien RIOLET - [email protected] CRM and Community management : Vincent LAPORTE - [email protected]  Communication Manager : Capucine SARRADE-LOUCHEUR - [email protected]  Industrial performance : Charlie PICARD - [email protected]   Expertise and Formation : Emilie RENAUD - [email protected] Innovation and New Drugs : Fabien MENISSEZ - [email protected] Innovation and Biodrugs : Denis MARCHAND -  [email protected]

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