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Quality Assistance is a leading European Contract Research Organisation providing the pharmaceutical industry with all the analytical services required by EMA and FDA regulations for the development and marketing of innovative human medicinal products.

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Products from Quality Assistance S.A. (3)

  • Biotherapeutics

    Product Biotherapeutics

    To accelerate the development and marketing of your Biotherapeutics, Quality Assistance offers a complete analytical package to meet the EMA and FDA requirements, all on one site.

    Whether it is to extend your analytical capacities or to outsource parts or all of your analytical needs, ...
  • CBMP's

    Product CBMP's

    Cell-Based Medicinal Products are complex and require state-of-the-art analytical methodologies to evaluate their quality, safety and efficacy. Quality Assistance provides you with the scientific and technical support to develop and/or optimise these methods for use in a GxP-regulate...
  • NCEs (New Chemical Entities)

    Product NCEs (New Chemical Entities)

    Our added value brings together a sound expertise in the analytical development of small molecules along with state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, all on one site.

    Quality Assistance is your analytical partner providing customised solutions in terms of analytical protocols and innovat...

Quality Assistance S.A. Resources (1)

  • Brochure Viral Vectors

    Due to their complex structure and size, as well as a constantly evolving regulatory landscape, the physico-chemical and biological characterisation of viral vector-based products is challenging.

    With extensive experience in the analysis of innovative products and thanks to a continuous investment in new technologies and machinery, Quality Assistance can assist you in the development of your recombinant Adeno-Associated Viral Vectors (rAAVs) products from early phases to commercialisation.