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Founded in 1986 quartett is a family-run biotechnology company in second generation. We are committed to the fight against cancer and want to contribute to better cancer diagnostics. Our international clientele includes the pharmaceutical industry, university hospitals and private pathological institutes. quartett ensures for more than 35 years consistent quality of products. In 1997 we establishe...

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Products from quartett GmbH (3)

  • Amastatin HCl - Protease Inhibitor

    Product Amastatin HCl - Protease Inhibitor

    Slow, tight-binding inhibitor of aminopeptidases. No inhibition of aminopeptidase B. Originally Amastatin has been isolated from the culture filtrate of Streptomyces sp. Has been used to potentiate the action of some bioactive peptides by inhibiting their degradation by aminopeptidases.Target: Cytosol...
  • Bestatin HCl - Protease Inhibitor

    Product Bestatin HCl - Protease Inhibitor

    A reversible inhibitor of aminopeptidase enzymes. Inhibition by Bestatin correlates to apoptosis induction in oncogenic cells. Has antitumor properties. It showed no inhibition of aminopeptidase A, trypsin, chymotrypsin, elastase, papain, pepsin, or themolysin.Target: Leucine Aminopeptidase, Aminopept...
  • E-64 - Protease Inhibitor

    Product E-64 - Protease Inhibitor

    An irreversible, highly selective cysteine protease inhibitor. Shows no inhibition against serine proteases with an except of trypsin. Interacts with the Sn subsites of proteases. For in vivo studies the use of E-64 as a cysteine protease inhibitor is highly recommended because it has a specific inhibition...