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RAM Pharma


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RAM PHARMA was established in the year 1992 specifically for manufacturing various
pharmaceutical dosage forms and marketing them. The factory is situated in the King
Abdullah II Industrial City, Amman Industrial Estate, Sahab, about 15 km away from the
city of Grand Amman, Jordan.

A wide therapeutic range is covered by the company products viz. antibiotics, anti-
microbial agents, anti-parasites, anti-viral, anxiolytes & anti-depressants, capillary
regulators, CNS stimulants, peripheral & cerebral vasodilators, anti-hypertensive agents,
hormones, analgesics & anti-inflammatory agents, respiratory drugs, gastro-intestinal
drugs, iron preparations, anti-hyperglycemic agents, diuretics and anti-gout preparations.

Apart from marketing it's products in the domestic market, the company exports it's
formulations to countries like Algeria and Iraq. The company is a certified supplier of
medicines to the Ministry Of Health, Jordan.

RAM Pharma

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