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rfxcel has been developing cutting-edge track and trace software since 2003, longer than any company serving the life sciences. With rfxcel, you can create your best solution with our flexible, customer-centric architecture. As the industry’s longest-tenured track and trace solution provider, we excel at helping companies meet regulatory compliance requirements in global markets and protectin...

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  • Compliance Management Software

    Product Compliance Management Software

    Meet global pharmaceutical compliance requirements with rfxcel’s compliance management (rCM) software. 

    Compliance often requires a significant investment and changes to business processes. With the demands placed on pharmaceutical companies to safeguard the supply chain from theft, ...
  • rfxcel Code Check (rCC)

    Product rfxcel Code Check (rCC)

    By February 9, 2019, all pharmaceutical dispensers in the European Economic Areas (EEA) must be able to electronically verify and decommission prescription medicines prior to dispensing. To comply with the EU’s Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD), dispensers and pharmacists must verify the pack fe...
  • rfxcel Integrated Monitoring (rIM)

    Product rfxcel Integrated Monitoring (rIM)

    rfxcel’s Integrated Monitoring (rIM) solution, powered by Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, gathers real-time data to help streamline your supply chain, improve delivery, and address compliance requirements by remotely monitoring your critical assets. With rIM, you can track any data point and never ...

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