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Insulin glargine. 

Dosage form: solution for subcutaneous injections in 3 ml cartridges and pre-filled disposable insulin pen.

·         Long-acting basal insulin
·         Maintains normal physiologic concentration of basal (background) insulin
·         Most widely used basal insulin analogue. Is the reference product for all basal insulins.
·         Increased duration of action of insulin glargine is associated with subcutaneous microprecipitate generation from which small amounts of insulin glargine permanently release, which makes it possible to administer the product once a day.
·         Concentration: U100
·         Onset of action after subcutaneous administration – in 1 hour
·         29 hours – maximum action
·         24 hours – duration of action

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Categories BiopharmaceuticalsBiosimilars; Biopharmaceuticals
Sales markets Eastern Europe; Middle East; Asia; Africa; Central/South America
Supplied from Russian Federation
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