Product description

Dexolve - the USP compliant SBECD•    Significant solubility enhancement (10 to 100,000 fold) •    Improvement of chemical stability
•    Increased bioavailability, facilitated delivery
•    Reduced aggregation
•    Moderate irritation or reduced side-effects
•    Maximized patient safety, complete renal elimination
•    Enables formulation of water-insoluble APIs in all dosage forms
•    Lower API doses can be achieved

-    Over 20 APIs in development using Dexolve
-    Over 40 partners in commercial and development phases using Dexolve
-    Research grade material available at reduced price for non-clinical development
-    Flexible business model to handle partners’ requests and provide technical support on development
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CAS Registry Number 182410-00-0
Categories Excipients
Supplied from Hungary

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