Product description

1)    As bulk density of SYLYSIA is lower than that of Fumed Silica, the powder dust of SYLYSIA is comparatively lower. The bigger porosity is also effective for time release & viscosity control.
2)    SYLYSIA can hold more liquid medicine due to the porous structure/nature.
3)    SYLYSIA shows good performance for free flow improvement even small dosage.
4)    SYLYSIA makes it improve homogeneity in process of tablet and tablet hardness can be increased.
5)    It is possible for time release control in medicinal ingredient by using porous structure and difference of pore diameter (between SY350FCP and SY770FCP), and performs in DDS dissolution.
6)    It is possible to stabilize of crystallization because crystallized medicine inside of particle does not change the structure even if time goes by. This is due to the porosity reason in Sol-Gel typed silica whereas fumed type does not have.
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CAS Registry Number 7631-86-9
Categories Excipients
Sales markets Asia
Supplied from Japan

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