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10 Oct 2019

Small Lot Packaging for Pharma & Biotech by Dividella

100% monomaterial parenteral cartons.

Lot Size One is a concept from Pharma 4.0 theory – that in that age of connected data, an individual customer order need no longer be satisfied from stock in the supply chain but might actually trigger a production machine to produce that specific item.

Dividella’s Lot Size One and Up approach, also rooted in 21st century production and packaging concepts, adopts a robotic work-cell system to boost the flexibility and sustainability of small-batch production.

Customer-centric machinesDividella’s small-footprint Lot Size One and Up concept eases these stress points by adopting a robotic work-cell-based modular system designed for top-loading and side-loading cartoning capable of producing optimised pack sizes using 100% monomaterials.

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