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  • Product AdhereIT®

    AdhereIT® is a connected medical device designed to improve patient adherence with patients who self-inject their medication.
    Supporting both training and autoinjector devices, AdhereIT® helps patients overcome anxieties about self-injecting while training them on proper usage.
    It uses multisenso...
  • Product Plants for jelly products (OTC)

    Our production plants are suitable for active effective OTC-sweets manufactured on the base of pectin, gum arabic, gelatine, agar-agar, carrageenan as well as liquorice, fondant, cream, marshmallow foam and similar items. Furthermore, the equipment is suitable for depositing liqueur. The machines w...
  • Product OneTouch Verio Reflect®

    With a close partnership spanning over 10 years, LifeScan entrusted us to create their next generation blood glucose meter. The challenge was to generate the feeling of encouragement and guidance whilst providing users with actionable insights relating to their blood glucose levels. The product needed to e...
  • Product Plants for the production of fondant, toffee, jelly and hard candy products

    Our depositing machines for hard candies are compact, modular systems for the production of a wide variety of products that not only taste good, but can also convince in shape and colour as well as with refined fillings. With these manufacturing plants, you can produce attractive new OTC-sweets tha...
  • Product Depositors for product and process development

    These depositors are perfect for product and process development of various OTC- and supplement sweets. They are equipped with special depositing heads and enable the production of articles with different masses. The machines area servo-electric controlled and equipped with a menu-based operator gu...
  • Product Good manufacture practice – Safety for products with biologically active additives and OTC medicines

    When adding substances that have an impact on the human organism, strict legal and hygienic requirements do apply.

    In addition to high-precision cooking, dosing, cooling and moulding processes, these products require a suitable GMP concept (good manufacture practice) for the entire pla...
  • Product Popit solution

    Popit makes medication connected! We provide a unique solution to reach the patient and keep track of how medications are taken. Popit's platform tracks how medication is consumed by using a smart device, an app & cloud. The data is available in real time for healthcare professionals. Popit's platform ...
  • Product OzmoCAP®

    OzmoCAP® capsules themselves control drug release for any drug allowing the OzmoCAP® team to very quickly develop and deliver the drug product with predetermined controlled release behavior to an animal laboratory for Proof-of-Concept studies.
    OzmoCAP® allows rapid development of oral extended-releas...
  • Product Accelerated Stability Assessment Program (ASAP) and Laboratory Services

    FreeThink is a global leader in the science and technology of stability.  In addition to lab services, FreeThink licenses ASAPprime®, a proprietary software which we developed based on the Accelerate Stability Assessment Program (ASAP) to determine shelf-life.  ASAP can speed and streamline p...

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