The Bushu Pharma Gateway to Asia Solution

The Bushu Pharma Gateway to Asia Solution

Bushu Pharma’s Gateway to Asia solution increases SCM efficiency for pharma manufacturers.

With the FDA approving the second highest number of drugs in the past 20 years (53 drugs in 2020; 59 drugs in 2018), there is high demand for manufacturing and supply chain support in order to allow these new drugs to reach markets around the world.

In response to these requirements and drawing on the company’s GMP expertise developed over the past 20+ years, Bushu Pharma’s “Gateway to Asia” (GTA) service lets international pharmaceutical companies import bulk products into Japan for quality inspection, labeling, packaging and distribution throughout Japan and to other Asian countries. The service is geared towards both manufacturers and distributors – allowing companies to focus on core business activities rather than spending much time and effort on the difficult process of managing lead-time, temperature control, security, inventory, packaging, and urgent order handling across multiple markets.

Given the world-renowned quality level of Japanese manufacturing and the country’s expertise in domestic and regional distribution that was developed in line with the country’s focus on just-in-time supply chain management, the GTA service is geared to help respond to the ever-increasing number of new drugs being developed around the world that are targeting Japan and other Asian markets for new launches in 2021 and beyond.