SuperTab® 30GR

SuperTab® 30GR
Product Description

SuperTab® 30GR is a highly consistent, agglomerated monohydrate lactose developed for an optimal flow/compaction ratio in direct compression. It is a product with ideal mixing properties for low to high dose formulations, and thereby contributes to an efficient development process.

SuperTab® 30GR is available in 25 kg bags or 40 kg drums.

DFE Pharma

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DFE Pharma

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  • News Excipients – an industry adapting to change

    Excipients are a crucial component of the pharmaceutical product formulation, and the industry is constantly having to adapt to changes in demand and technology innovations
  • Whitepaper Understanding and Accounting for Excipient Variability in Continuous Tablet Manufacturing (CM)

    As pharmaceutical production moves from batch-wise to continuous manufacturing, individual processing steps, such as blending of the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) with excipients, have to be re-designed to continuous operations.

    Whilst the cost and quality benefits of CM are well documented, successful implementation relies on an in-depth understanding of how raw materials and their mixtures – including excipients – behave in continuous processes. This whitepaper will outline some of the key learnings from DFE Pharma’s excipients in CM processes variability experiments, before setting out DFE Pharma’s Stretch Batch Approach and how it can work in practice.
    Ultimately, it will demonstrate why DFE Pharma is fast becoming the pharma industry’s preferred global partner in the robust development of continuous tablet manufacturing processes.
  • Video DFE Pharma Norten Hardenberg, Germany

    DFE Pharma's Norten Hardenberg plant, located in Germany, is dedicated to the production of anhydrous lactose. An investment for the future, featuring a new state-of-the-art production line, like for like process, high-end control to ensure batch homogeneity.
  • Video We Are DFE Pharma

    DFE Pharma is a global leader in excipient products and services for usage in the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, and nutraceutical industries. We strive to develop, produce and supply the highest quality functional excipients for oral solid dose, inhalation, and parenteral formulations. Our products play essential roles as fillers, binders, disintegrants, and stabilizing agents in formulations. 

    They enable the active ingredients to be dosed and released into the patients' system in a predictable, accurate, and effective manner. With over a century of experience, we are driven by our purpose your medicines, our solutions. Moving to a healthier world. #pharma #DFEPharma #excipients
  • Video Biohale® Trehalose Dihydrate Launch

    With BioHale® Trehalose, the latest addition to the BioHale® portfolio line, DFE Pharma expands its offering of stabilizers for biologics while providing further security of supply. Trehalose – developed to meet the highest quality standards - can be used in parenteral formulations, but is also part of inhalation pipeline projects. #biopharma #biologics #formulation