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19 Oct 2020

The recipe for efficiency by Universal Pack

The remote installation of a complete packaging line for 4-side-seal sachets has just ended. The pharmaceutical multinational company chose Universal Pack mainly for the high output in terms of cartons/minute, the possibility of compacting the sachets stack with ad hoc systems, the maximum flexibility in formats and reduced blueprint as opposed to competitors’ offer.

The Project

The collaboration between the multinational company and Universal Pack starts with a project concerning the making of a complete packaging line for producing 4-side-seal sachets and automatically inserting them in pre-glued cartons.

The need of the buyer was to adopt a technological solution that would allow maximum production flexibility, high output and compliance with pharmaceutical market requirements, in one solution.

Universal Pack’s answer has satisfied all the specific requests and is structured in the following areas:

The machine speed for 4-side-seal Theta: this vertical machine model allows to reach horizontal machines output, while reducing footprint to a large extent and keeping greater flexibility.

Another key factor in the choice is the compact footprint of the whole line proposed by Universal Pack compared to the equivalent offer by other market players.

The quality in terms of sachets endurance, product integrity and aesthetic beauty produced by Theta machine also affected the decision. The high quality is made possible by a new horizontal sealing concept and a specific liquid cooling system for the sealing parts, avoiding film and product stress during dosing.

Total flexibility in sachet and carton size: this is a key factor especially for contracting companies and companies managing several production batches.

Another reason not to underestimate is the possibility to compact the stacks of sachets before transferring them to the cartoning machine: this process allows to gain greater stability and insert more sachets with equal carton size.

In addition, complying with the goal of operations simplification, adjustments and formats change take place without the need for extra tools.

In order to guarantee the highest precision at any output, the packaging line was equipped with multilane checkweigher, thousandth load cells with direct feedback to the single lanes of the dosing unit. There is also a station for the manual reintegration of rejected sachets.

The extractable dosing system can be placed at ergonomic height to facilitate cleaning operations and format change.

To reduce operational costs while keeping maximum efficiency, it was agreed to provide a completely customized assistance and maintenance plan, including training, on site and remote assistance, predictive maintenance, 4.0.

Remote equipment installation.

10 Advantages of the Project:
• Output speed
• Compact blueprint
• Sachet quality
• Total flexibility in size
• Tool-free adjustments and format change
• Carton volume minimization
• Multilane checkweigher
• Extractable dosing unit
• Operational costs minimization
• Remote plant installation


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