6 May 2021

Syringe Filling and Assembling Line - Teaser Machine

Syringe and Ampoules Line n. 1119

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  • News Press Release - EXTRA the new digital paltform by Marchesini Group

    Marchesini Group presents EXTRA, the new digital platform that will enable clients to watch streamed events and visit the company remotely. Presentation in an exclusive location on 29 April. 
  • Brochure Marchesini Group General Catalogue

    Marchesini Group offers a wide range of Packaging Solutions, tailor-made for all products.
  • News Marchesini Group Press Kit 2020

    With a turnover of 441 million Euro in 2019 and 2,000 employees in Italy and abroad, Marchesini Group is a flagship of the Packaging Valley in Emilia Romagna and one of the top four worldwide manufacturers of automatic pharmaceutical and cosmetic packaging machines.
  • Brochure Disposable Pre-Filled Syringes - Feeding, Handling & Assembling

    The Marchesini Group combines Corima’s proven experience in disposable Pre-Filled Syringe (PFS) handling and assembling with the Group’s advanced technological robotic solutions,already firmly established in our packaging machines. This winning combination results in the development of new solutions aimed at maximising machinery performance, ease of cleaning and flexibility.
  • Brochure Small Volume Parenteral Containers-Asceptic Processing

    The Marchesini Group combines CO.RI.MA’s proven experience in machine production for sterile injectable products with the Group’s advanced technological robotic solutions, already firmly established in our packaging machines.This winning combination results in the development of new solutions aimed at improving Laminar Air Flow uniformity and the cleanability of the most critical areas of machinery in the aseptic process.
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    Determination, craftmanshipand Italian passion for product fine tailoring are what have always inspired Marchesini Group in meeting new challenges.

    Today’s packaging industry is in continuous evolution and to keep up to speed with industry requirements, we constantly work alongside our customers to improve and excell in technological innovation.
  • Video Cartoning Machine MA260 - Teaser Machine

    Top quality continuous motion high speed horizontal cartoners. 

    Thanks to decades of experience in the field, these machines outline cutting-edge technologies in a compact layout with the highest safety features. 

    Main features: 
    - Versatility and efficiency in a small footprint 
    - Balcony design 
    - Oil-bath main drive units 
    - Synchronized servo motors 
    - Motorized adjustment of carton length quota 
    - User-friendly size changeover - Long carton magazine 
    - Cross control product-carton-leaflet
  • Video Extraordinary Solutions - Integra 520 V

    Robotized Blister Line, integrating the two operations of blister thermoforming and packaging in carton, suitable to produce Blisters in PVC, PVCD, ACLAR (with dedicated devices).
  • Video EXTRAFILL 10: filling and stoppering machine for syringes and vials

    The EXTRAFILL 10 is an Automatic High-speed Filling Machine for nested syringes, capable of processing Ready To Use (RTU) Vials supplied into Nest/Tub or Nested-Trays, and RTU cartridges supplied into Tub/Nest.
  • Video Syringe filling and assembling line

    In 2019, we handed over a filling line for vaccines in syringes to an Italian Big Pharma. It was an extraordinary project inspired by three principles: high speed, quality and flexibility. The line is composed of an automatic debagging unit equipped with a pre-feeding conveyor for bagged tubs, that allows safe transfer of the sterile tub into the filling area. The second step is Tub opening, carried out by a robotized unit. Once the tub is open, it’s moved to the de-nester, whose function is to gently remove the syringes or vials from the nest and load them into the linear filling unit. Syringes are then moved to a re-nester which places the good syringes into their nest with no-glass-to-glass contact.
  • Video Extraordinary Solutions

    Underpinning the excellence that defines Marchesini Group is an artisan approach to the production of the key components of our automatic machines, both hardware and software, all of which are completely designed and produced in-house thanks to a workforce with multi-disciplinary technical know-how and expertise. This approach has enabled the Group to boost its leadership over the course of time, allowing it to dominate technological innovation in the sector and guarantee total customisation of every machine, tailored to the specific needs of each customer.
  • Video Vaccine Campaign

    Packaging Machinery Solutions for Vaccines in Bottles
  • Video EXTRA: the new digital platform by Marchesini Group

    EXTRA: the new digital platform focuses on the needs of our customers and shows them the wide range of solutions we offer, through interactive technical insights and a live tour of our plants.
  • Video CMP RS1

    Inspection Machine for ampoules, vials and cartridges.
  • Video Complete Vaccine Packaging Lines: From Aseptic Filling to Secondary Packaging

    This webinar originally aired as part of CPhI Discover - 17-28 May 2021 Overview of the 100% Aseptic Production Process EXTRAFILL 10: a focus on Marchesini Group's innovative filling and stoppering machine for syringes and vials Marchesini Group as pioneer in the world in creating complete lines for filling and packaging vaccines for the pharmaceutical industry The Group’s fast, reliable and high-precision machinery responding to all markets needs: standard and customized solutions