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  • Product Medical Measuring Cup

    Our products are manufactured in Class D Clean Rooms without human touch. Caps can be affixed snugly to products thanks to the tabs on their sides. They can be produced in custom colors. They contain no additives other than raw materials and dye. The protective lubricants used to clean molds, raw materials...
  • Product Formulation Development

    Recipharm offer formulation development services for all dosage forms. We develop everything from simple formulations for early studies to more complex formulations suited for commercialisation.
  • Product AD Procerta Service Guide

    AD Procerta is our latest addition to the borad portfolio of solutions of Avery Dennison Corporation - new laboratory and testing facility service that is set to transform how the pharmaceutical industry navigates the often complex world of label material testing. Our team consists of researchers and techn...
  • Product Hands-Free Assembly for Blood Sampling

    Fully automated vision assembly station for blood sample containers; delivers 100% reliable results, detecting any defect in each segment separately and again during final assembly; assembles, multiple units simultaneously with a fast cycle time; automated scrapping process for failed components; complies ...
  • Product CCI Container Closure Integrity Testing for Laboratory E-Scan MicroCurrent HVLD

    The E-Scan 615 technology is a revolutionary CCIT (container closure integrity test) instrument that utilizes a new class of HVLD technology, MicroCurrent to inspect vials, syringes, and other liquid filled parenteral products for container closure integrity.

    The E-Scan 615 provides a...
  • Product CheckMate 3

    Dansensor CheckMatte 3 is a benchtop gas analyser to measure O2 level and (optional) CO2 level in the headspace of an inerted packge flushed by Nitrogen or other gas mixture to create the protective/modified atmosphere in the package.
  • Product LIPPKE VC1400

    Lippke VC1400 is dedicated for package leak detection according to ASTM D3078 using methylene blue dye test or bubble emission test. New generation replacing VC1380, VC1360, with nicer features, better user interface and data handling
  • Product LIPPKE 5000

    LIPPKE 5000 is designed for package burst, creep, and leak tests. Device and method are compliant with ASTM F1140, F2054, F20095 and FDA21 CFR part 11 New generation, advanced features versus Lipkke 4000, better user interface and data handling
  • Product Counting stations

    Counting station used for reconciliation of products. Can count anything : Vials Syringes Ampoules Cartridges Blisters Capsules ...
  • Product Biosafe® Simplifies Your Transfer of Closure Components

    Secure Your Aseptic Transfer

    With the robust design and proven performance of the Biosafe® RTP system (Rapid Transfer Port) you can secure and simplify the transfer of your components, monitoring tools and liquids into your isolated line. Biosafe® bags exits in RTU (Ready to Use) and R...
  • Product OctoPlus FF® Simplifies The Setup of Your Filling Line

    Secure Your Final Filling

    OctoPlus FF® provides a completely single-use alternative to traditional stainless steel “break tank “or “buffer tank” systems in a wide range of applications. OctoPlus FF® can be configured with a large variety of components and connectors.

  • Product SART System™ Enables a Sterile Liquid Transfer

    Secure Your Drug Product Transfer

    The SART System™, a smaller footprint RTP system (Rapid Transfer Port), preserves the integrity of your isolator and creates a sterile transfer of your drug product. The reduced footprint of the SART System™ meets the challenge of ergonomic optimization ...
  • Product Accelerated Stability Assessment Program (ASAP) and Laboratory Services

    FreeThink is a global leader in the science and technology of stability.  In addition to lab services, FreeThink licenses ASAPprime®, a proprietary software which we developed based on the Accelerate Stability Assessment Program (ASAP) to determine shelf-life.  ASAP can speed and streamline p...

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