31 Dec 2023

Pharma Trends 2023

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The pharmaceutical industry has witnessed many positive developments in the last year, including 32 novel drug approvals to date, a bivalent COVID-19 vaccine, and the return of face-to-face events. However, 2022 has also presented the pharma market with new geopolitical challenges. Events such as the war in Ukraine, rising inflation, and increased energy costs have put lasting pressures on manufacturing; the effects of which are still being felt across the sector.

Heading into 2023, there is an ongoing focus on the lasting impact of supply chain disruptions, and the rising costs of energy and raw materials. Sustainability also remains a mainstay in the discussion of modernising development, manufacturing, packaging, and transport practices for the pharmaceutical industry.

On a positive note, innovation continues to be at the forefront of the industry, with pharmaceutical start-ups and biotechs in particular expected to bring new products, technologies and services to the traditional pharma supply chain.

While 2022 has not made the transition into a new year easy, the pharmaceutical industry is in an exciting position to demonstrate its innovation, modernisation, and technological breakthroughs.

ACG is proud to bring to you CPHI’s Trend Outlook for 2023, which gathers expert opinion and insights from across the pharma value chain, highlighting both emerging and continuing trends for 2023. As we enter a post-pandemic world and face new global challenges, the pharma industry must be applauded for its pursuit of new products, technologies and solutions which ultimately improve the lives of people worldwide.

Read on to discover expert predictions on the trends, opportunities and challenges defining the pharma market in 2023.

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