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ThoMar has been serving international customers from healthcare and food industry since 2013. We develop and manufacture customised desiccant solutions at our German headquarters (production partners in the US / China for varying customer needs). Reliable delivery in the required quality: ISO-certified, GMP-compliant and in accordance with FDA regulations.

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Products from ThoMar OHG (3)

  • CanDryy desiccant canisters

    Product CanDryy desiccant canisters

    In the pharmaceutical industry, desiccant canisters and cylinders are used when the desiccant product has to be inserted into a container at high speed. CanDryy products are particularly suitable for protecting tablets, coated tablets and capsules packed in glass and plastic containers from unwante...
  • MiniDryy desiccant bags

    Product MiniDryy desiccant bags

    MiniDryy Sachet / MiniDryy Strip are desiccant bags (individually manufactured or on spools) for inclusion in pharmaceutical and nutraceutical packaging. The granules and bag materials are suitable for use under the strictest specifications, and the performance and adsorption capacity of the sachets me...
  • TabDryy desiccant tablets

    Product TabDryy desiccant tablets

    Under the product name TabDryy, we offer desiccants in tablet form, which consist of molecular sieve as standard. The molecular sieve tablet achieves a high adsorption capacity at low humidity: it is able to limit the humidity in medical packaging and devices to below 10 % RH. This can effectively ex...