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Toronto Research Chemicals (TRC), established in 1982, to manufacture complex organic compounds that were not commercially available,  TRC, employs more than 300, manufacturing and supplying more than 150,000 bio-chemicals for the research community. In 2014, TRC purchased Synfine Research which is ISO 9001, and 17025 (pending), to provide certified materials, test kits for cannabis testing and a full range analytical capabilities.  Today we provide the following products;     • analytical standards;  • natural products;  • amino acids and peptides;  • steroids;  • API's, impurities and metabolites;  • stable isotope labeled analogues;  • building blocks;  • chiral molecules;  • carbohydrates and oligosaccharides;  • nucleic acid derivatives;  • glycosidase inhibitors;  • enzyme activators and inhibitors;  • sulfhydryl active reagents;  • fluorescent reagents;  • spin labels;  • nicotine derivatives and metabolites;&nbs...

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