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UBE Corporation offers our competency to fit to our customer needs thanks to 50-year experience in 1) Drug discovery and clinical development
2) Customized manufacturing solutions (Intermediates and APIs under GMP)
3) Fluorination technology and our proprietary fluorine compounds (FLUOLEAD: novel nucleophilic fluorinating agent and SF5 compounds as building blocks)

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Products from UBE Europe GmbH (5)


    Product FLUOLEAD

    Innovative nucleophilic fluorinating agent
  • Dimethyl carbonate

    Product Dimethyl carbonate

    DAXSOL® dimethyl carbonate is an environmentally friendly solvent with low toxicity and rapid biodegradability recommended for replacing non-sustainable polar solvents, such as ketones, esters and glycols, offering fast-evaporating rate, miscibility with most of organic solvents, ...

    Product FLUOLEAD

    Innovative nucleophilic fluorination agentBest alternative to DAST, Deoxo-fluor,...
    Ketone (non-enol form) and carboxylic acid can be fluorinated
    HIgh thermal stability
    Easy to handle (solid product)
    Only 1 step needed for deoxo-fluorination
  • Glycerol carbonate

    Product Glycerol carbonate

    DAXSOL® glycerol carbonate is a mostly bio-based hydroxyl-functional carbonate that can be used in several applications as an active solvent, diluent and plasticizer, among others. Due to its dual functionality, UBE’s glycerin carbonate can also be used in cosmetic formulations, as ...
  • Heliotropine

    Product Heliotropine

    Heliotropine is used  in the manufacture of perfumes and food flavorings. UBE's production process is completely synthetic and does not involve deforestation, unlike chemicals derived from natural sources, thereby minimizing the impact on the environment.  As a Life Science Chemicals Heliotropin ...