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Umicore Precious Metals Chemistry strengths are a combination of customer orientation, process excellence innovation leadership and diversity. Its customer focused technology platforms align worldwide all necessary resources from Research & Development to Marketing & Sales through Production, providing expertise in transition metals chemistry, high potency APIs, catalysts and high pur...

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Products from Umicore Precious Metals Chemistry (3)

  • Advanced Homogeneous Catalysts

    Product Advanced Homogeneous Catalysts

    - Cross-coupling catalysts- Metathesis catalysts- Chiral hydrogenation catalysts
  • high Potency APIs

    Product high Potency APIs

    - Cis-, Carbo-, Oxaliplatin- Exclusive synthesis of high potency APIs
  • Metathesis Catalysts

    Product Metathesis Catalysts

    Comprehensive portfolio of proprietary ruthenium based metathesis catalysts and technologies for efficient and selective C-C bond formation