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UPS Healthcare delivers unparalleled healthcare logistics expertise to its customers around the world. UPS Healthcare has 16+ million square feet (1.4+ million square meters) of cGMP and GDP-compliant healthcare distribution space globally. Services include inventory management, cold chain packaging and shipping, storage and fulfillment of medical devices, and lab and clinical trial logistics. UPS Healthcare's global infrastructure, its UPS® Premier visibility service, its track and trace technology, and its global quality system are well-suited to meet today's complex logistics demands for the pharmaceutical, medical device, and laboratory diagnostic industries.

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Products from UPS Healthcare (4)

  • UPS Cold Chain Solutions

    Product UPS Cold Chain Solutions

    UPS Cold Chain Solutions is purpose-built to provide pharmaceutical companies, healthcare providers and laboratories a full, end-to-end cold chain service offering, including storage and distribution, transportation, visibility, and quality assurance capabilities. 

    • Cold chain GMP ...
  • Sustainability at UPS Healthcare

    Product Sustainability at UPS Healthcare

    We help our customers reach their sustainability goals through our various solutions and services and partnerships with humanitarian organizations to deliver healthcare to areas in need.

    • Facilities – Our logistics and distribution warehousing facilities feature the latest sustainable facilit...
  • UPS Cold Chain Freight Forwarding Capabilities

    Product UPS Cold Chain Freight Forwarding Capabilities

    At UPS Healthcare, we offer freight forwarding services to fit a range of temperature and transportation speed requirements.
    • Carrier Procurement – We work with leading air and ocean freight carriers and cold chain container vendors to evaluate your time and temperature needs, negotiate competit...
  • UPS® Premier

    Product UPS® Premier

    UPS Premier upgrades critical healthcare shipments with advanced sensor technology that ensures a priority lane in our network.

    • Priority Handling – Our sensor labeling system ensures your package will get priority handling at every node in the network as well as preferred delivery services ...

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