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  • Product Adjuvant Systems for Vaccines

    We enable next-generation vaccine development through a diverse portfolio of world-leading vaccine adjuvants, immunomodulators and adjuvant formulations.
    We passionately develop new adjuvant technologies and partner to develop the vaccines of tomorrow.
    Our extensive expertise in immunology and fo...
  • Product Vaccine Characterization and Bioanalytical Support

    Our vaccines development experts provide a suite of services supporting the analysis and quality control of process and batch release samples and stability studies. We have support the development of a range of vaccines including mRNA, protein, glycoprotein, DNA, carbohydrate, lipopolysaccharide, lipi...
  • Product Water for injections

    Rovi offers Water For Injection (WFI) in prefilled syringes in different sizesand volumes, produced according to European Pharmacopoeia (Ph. Eur.) and United States Pharmacopeia (USP) requirements.Module 3 common technical document (CTD) dossiers and drugmaster files (DMF) are available toour WFI clients a...
  • Product Process Plant Master Plant

    The IKA Master Plant homogenizing and emulsifying plant is a universal mixing plant developed for the production of emulsions and suspensions in the pharmaceuticals industry in particular, but also in the food, beverages, cosmetics and chemical industries. The plant is GMP-compliant and guarantees ...
  • Product CordenPharma Lipids & Carbohydrate Platform

    Your Expert Partner for Standard & Proprietary Lipids & Carbohydrates
    • >> A specialized Lipids offering including custom and standard lipids (Glycero-Phospholipids, Sphingolipids, Phosphocholine, Pegylated, and Cationic Lipids). • >> Lipids for support of mRNA vaccine ...
  • Product Nested container filling and stoppering solution Ultra-N serious

    Capable for Nested Syringes, Cartridges and Vials Processing

    Fully Automatic De-bagging, De-lidding, Filling and Stoppering, Vials De-nesting

    Output Up to 15000 pcs/h

    Available for Mechanical Stoppering , Vacuum Filling and Stoppering

  • Product Cell & Virus Bank Characterization

    The safety testing of cell or virus banks at the level of the Master, Working and End of Production Cell Bank is a key element for cell- or virus-derived biopharmaceutical products. Characterization tests aim to confirm identity, genetic stability and purity of the cell or virus bank.
  • Product Nucleic Acid Delivery for Vaccines and Next-Gen Therapeutics

    Avanti Polar Lipids, part of Croda Pharma, develops innovative lipids of unparalleled purity to solve the stability and delivery issues associated with mRNA for use in vaccines and next-generation therapeutics.
    We develop and manufacture highly specialised lipids used in Lipid Nanoparticle (LNP) deliv...
  • Product Injectables (Aseptic Filling)

    Specialist in filling and packaging SVP (small volume parenteral) in prefilled syringes and vials. Our injectable plants exportto over 50 countries worldwide.
    - 5 high speed lines for syringes (aseptic filling)- 3 high speed lines for vials (aseptic filling)
    - Terminal sterilization
    - Fully equipp...
  • Product GMP Cell & Virus Bank Storage

    Our GMP-compliant storage area offers dedicated or shared storage in standard freezers (-80°C), ultra-low freezers (-130°C), or in cryotank for storage in liquid nitrogen vapor phase at temperature below -150°C.
  • Product GMP Cell Banking

    ViruSure can assist you in the production of Master Cell Banks (MCB) or Master Virus Seeds (MVS) as well as Working Cell Banks (WCB) or Working Virus Seeds (WVS). Following the establishment of the cell or virus bank, ViruSure will support you with full characterization to confirm the identity, p...
  • Product HIP-Vax

    The demand for viral vector-based products is growing rapidly. However, there are still manufacturing challenges which hamper the development of these promising new therapies. A major problem is low product yields. For many medical applications, a certain minimal dose of product is needed to have a clinica...
  • Product GMP quality control of biologics

    CLEAN CELLS is a certified Pharmaceutical Company committed to deliver high-level quality services.

    GMP  service provider that is specialized in cell and virus banks manufacturing (MCB, WCB, MVS, WVS), biosafety testing, potency assays, bioprocess validation and development/validation &nb...
  • Product GMP manufacturing of MCB/WCB/MVSS/WVSS

    Clean Cells is a GMP-licensed Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization providing R&D, production and quality control testing services to the biopharmaceutical industry.

    Our two-part site located in Western France holds an innovative process development platform, BSL2 and BS...

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