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15 Nov 2012

World Diabetes Day: 14 November 2012

The European Medicines Agency supports World Diabetes Day, which is taking place on Wednesday 14 November 2012.

World Diabetes Day is held each year on 14 November and is dedicated to engaging people worldwide in diabetes advocacy and awareness. For the period 2009-2013, the day's theme is diabetes education and prevention.


The Agency plays an important role in the authorisation of medicines to treat diabetes. The Agency considers the development of medicines for diabetes to be an important issue because of the extent of the disease and its growth, particularly type-2 diabetes.


In the European Union (EU), all medicines for diabetes must be authorised via the Agency, rather than in each Member State individually. To date, more than 40 medicines for use in diabetic patients have been authorised on the recommendation of the Agency. These include two important recommendations for novel diabetes treatments over the past year, including a first-in-class medicine for type-2 diabetes recommended in April and the first high-strength insulin-containing medicine, which the Agency recommended for authorisation in October.


The Agency stimulates research into medicines for diabetes in all age groups, including children. In June this year, the Agency updated its guidance on the treatment and prevention of diabetes. The main change involved revision of the information on the long-term safety of antidiabetes medicines and the inclusion of more specific and up-to-date information on studies in children.


The Agency works closely with organisations representing patients with diabetes through the Insulin Dependent Diabetes Trust and the International Diabetes Federation and with organisations representing healthcare professionals in the diabetes field through the European Association for the Study of Diabetes.


To explore the medicines authorised for diabetes patients on the recommendation of the Agency, browse the European public assessment reports by therapeutic area or keyword.

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