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Xi'an Libang Pharmaceutical Co Ltd was established in 1996 with the location at Xi'an of China, the centre of the northwest pharmaceutical industry, specialized in research, development, production and distribution of generic Finished Dosage Forms and high-valued APIs. With more than more than decade-long growth, Libang has become one of Top 100 China's Pharmaceutical Industries and also listed in the Top 20 The Most Potential Chinese Pharmaceutical Companies rated by the IMS Health.

As the first and also largest supplier of generic Propofol in China, Libang started its business and subsequently launched a broad portfolio products covering anesthetics, cardiovascular, antineoplastic, clinical nutrition etc.

Libang owns 4 FDF facilities and 2 APIs plants, all of them are operated in strict conformity to GMP.

Libang is a technology-driven firm, with 8% of the annual sales revenues devoted to R&D, established 4 R&D platforms from APIs development to commercialization of Lipid-based drug delivery system.

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Sales markets Western Europe; North America
Primary business activity Manufacturer
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Xi’an Libang Pharmaceutical Co Ltd

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