Our main product with Kaikai brand Cimetidine was put into production in 1991, and passed Cimetidine raw medicine Chinese GMP authentication, American FDA, COS of EDQM in 2003, furthermore Kaili was the very first Chinese manufacture who made all above three authentications. Kaili has started the peptides research and manufacture business since 2007, and in 2008 Kaili was authorized Drug Manufacture Certificate for products of oxytocin, octreotide and tremopetin; for the business of custom peptides, Kaili established research laboratory which meets the GLP requirements for the custom peptides research and manufacture (for more information, please visit our website @www.wuxikaili.com).

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Middle East Region (e.g. UAE); Oceania; North America (USA, Canada); Africa; Central America (e.g. Mexico); East Asia (e.g. China, Japan, Korea); Europe - EU countries; Europe - non EU (e.g. UK, Russia, ex-CIS countries); South America (e.g. Brazil, Colombia); South Asia (e.g. India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka); South East Asia (e.g. Thailand, Philippines, Singapore)

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Yancheng Kaili Pharmaceutical Co Ltd


Yancheng Kaili Pharmaceutical Co Ltd


Yancheng Kaili Pharmaceutical Co Ltd